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LCH Veterinary Care product range includes drapes, gloves, face masks, non-woven gauzes, gowns, caps, and many more...

About LCH

Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd, is one of the leading medical supplies distributors in Hong Kong and Macau with over 80 years of experience.

LCH supplies medical supplies, hospital supplies, dental care supplies, veterinary and pet supplies, dermatology and beauty salon supplies, elderly care supplies, rehabilitation and home care supplies, PPE, wound treatment, first aid supplies, cream and ointments, medicine, and injections. LCH is a Licensed Wholesale Dealers of Pharmaceutical Products, and Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (Secondary Packaging). LCH currently supplies to all of the major public hospitals, private hospitals, doctor clinics, pharmacies, NGOs, dermatologies, beauty salons, hotels, and restaurants. LCH is a sole distributor of products from Ecolab, N Medical, Otsuka, Grifols, Alphapharm, Aspen, Arrow, Intco, Zhende, and Wockhardt. LCH also has an online medical product store for clients to purchase medical consumable products directly such as medical face mask, nitrile medical examination gloves, face shield, personal protective equipment PPE, caps, surgical gowns, etc.


聯昌行有限公司 是 香港醫療用品公司批發供應商 和 澳門醫療用品公司批發供應商。

我司的產品範圍包括 醫療用品、牙科用品、獸醫用品、老人護理用品、復康用品、傷口治療、急救醫療用品、皮膚科及美容院用品、醫療防護裝備、乳膏和軟膏、藥物和注射劑。聯昌行是香港批持牌藥物供發商 和 香港藥劑製品製造商(外包裝)。聯昌行有超過80年的經驗,專門為大眾提供 醫療用品、醫用口罩 、醫用手套、防疫產品、保護衣、藥物的公司。現在向所有香港和澳門主要的公立 / 私立醫院、私家醫生診所、 藥房、非政府機構、 公營機構、私營機構、酒店 和 餐廳供貨。我司代理的品牌包括 美國的Ecolab, N Medical, Otsuka 日本大塚製藥, 西班牙的Grifols, 澳洲的Alphapharm, 南非的Aspen, 澳洲的Arrow, 中國的Intco, Zhende, 印度的Wockhardt 等等。聯昌行另外設有網上醫療用品專門店給顧客訂購醫療用品。

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