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Nichiban Careleaves Waterproof Bandage keeps water out and is unaffected by movements of the body. Product is currently used by various hospitals and medical professionals.



  • The three-layered structure keeps out water
    The three-layered structure made of high-density non-woven urethane fabric adapts to movements of the body, is waterproof, has highly flexible moisture permeable films, and uses moisture permeable adhesive materials which are resistant to water.  The fabric comfortably adapts to the movement of the body and keeps the wounded area dry. The result is to create permeability allowing sweat to escape from the skin as well as impremeability from the other direction, stopping water from entering the wound.
  • Unique tape-width designed to block out water
    The widened tape-width at the upper and the lower ends of the pad enhances waterproofing effects by attaching the upper and lower sides of the pad more securely.
  • Water resistant while being moisture permeable, preventing skin maceration
    The highly permeable material (non-woven fabric), film and adhesive materials combine to discharges moisture from the skin without allowing water to penetrate from the other direction. It keeps the applied area almost dry, free from skin maceration.
  • Hygienically-designed separator
    We designed a fold-back tab which is longer than for traditional products, and slightly further away from the padded area. This enables the user to remove the tape more easily and hygienically, without touching the pad.



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Nichiban Careleaves Waterproof Bandage | 20pcs/box