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Medical Syringes & Tubes

LCH is a supplier for medical syringes and needles to various hospitals, doctors, and medical organizations in Hong Kong and Macau. LCH is the sole distributor for products listed.

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About Syringes & Needles sold by LCH

Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd, founded in 1940, is one of the leading suppliers for syringes, needles, and medical supplies in Hong Kong and Macau. In past 80 years, LCH has supplied Hong Kong and Macau with high quality syringes, needles, and injections. 

Syringes and needles LCH supplies include:

  • Insulin Needle Syringes 1mL, Sterile

  • Tuberculin Needle Syringes 1mL, Sterile

  • Needle Syringes 2.5mL, Sterile

  • Needle Syringes 5mL, Sterile

  • Luer Slip Tip Syringes 2.5mL, Sterile

  • Luer Slip Tip Syringes 5mL, Sterile.

  • Catheter Tip Syringes 50mL, Sterile

Hong Kong Medical License Reference:

Macau Medical License Reference:

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