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David STD Treponema Pallidum (TP) Rapid Test


David STD Treponema Pallidum (TP) Rapid Test

Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Limited distributes David Brand / Equinox RunBio Biotech lab test medical products in Hong Kong and Macau.


  • Fertility Test 生育力檢查測試

  • Pregnancy Test 懷孕檢查測試

  • Drug Test 藥檢測試

  • Infectious Disease Test 傳染病檢查測試

  • Renal Function Test 腎功能檢查測試

  • Tumor Marker Test 腫瘤標誌物檢查測試

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease STD Test 性病檢查測試

  • Infantile Diarreahea Test 嬰兒腹瀉檢查測試

  • Tropical Disease Test 熱帶病檢查測試

  • Heart Disease Test 心血管疾病檢查測試

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David STD Treponema Pallidum (TP) Rapid Test

Equinox (Runbio Biotech Co. Ltd) is a wholly foreign-owned biotechnological company founded by a Canadian in 2001, located in Sino-Israel Scientific and Technological Innovation & Cooperation Zone. Their main products are rapid diagnostic kits (IVDs), including fertility diagnostic, drug abuse detection, infectious disease, and tumor detection. Their products are FDA and CE certified, and being in various international markets.

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About Luen Cheong Hong

Founded in 1940, LCH is one of the key pharmaceutical distributors and healthcare suppliers for wholesale medical supplies, medical device, and medical equipment.

Luen Cheong Hong Ltd. (LCH) distributes a wide range of products, including name-brand drugs, generic drugs, injectables, OTC (over the counter) healthcare products, medical supplies, medical equipment and devices. 

LCH currently represents over 20 top global pharmaceutical companies, medical brands and healthcare manufacturers to grow their presence and distribution capabilities in local markets.​Harnessing over eight decades of expertise in the medical field, we provide our principals with best in class services in the areas of sales, marketing, local medical regulatory affairs, tender bidding, storage, distribution solutions, and more.​

We are also the long term trusted supplier for local government entities, hospitals, NGOs, pharmacies, restaurants, and hotels. Working with our principals to provide and tailor products to meet the needs of various end users.

LCH provides their partners with a set of comprehensive services in the areas of sales, marketing, and distribution solutions in Hong Kong and Macau. Such includes:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical products license registration to comply with local regulations

  • Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare products

  • Marketing to local users such as public / private hospitals, doctors, department of health, and pharmacies

  • Participation in tender business with various government entities and NGOs

  • Logistics management with our self-owned multi-storey warehouses, delivery team, and proprietary logistics management systems (including 3PL, 4PL)

  • Conform with pharmacovigilance

  • Wholesale Dealer License accredited by Hong Kong Drug Office and Macau Drug Office (Licensed Wholesale Dealer)

  • License for Secondary Re-packaging of Pharmaceuticals accredited by Hong Kong Drug Office (Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Secondary Packaging) )

  • Special storage for controlled dangerous drugs

  • Cold Chain Storage Facilities for cold chain pharmaceutical products

  • Import un-registered pharmaceutical products on named patient/un-registered basis

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LCH current product range covers a few core areas:

  • Medicine

  • Injectables

  • Medical consumables

  • Medical devices e.g. surgical equipment, syringes

  • COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. face masks, medical gloves, protective gowns, and face shield

  • First Aid supplies

  • Dental supplies

  • Vet & pet supplies

  • Rehabilitation & Home care products

  • Elderly care products

  • Hospital cleaning supplies

  • Surgical supplies

  • Wound treatment supplies

  • Hotel and restaurant medical supplies

  • Dermatology & beauty salon supplies

  • Learn more

Hong Kong Medical License Reference:

Macau Medical License Reference:

The information on this website is intended for health care professionals only. Product information is for educational purposes only, and not all products or indications are licensed in every country. Product availability are subject to individual country license, rules, and regulations. The information on this website may not be reflecting the most updated information. Please contact directly for the most updated product information and availability.

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