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First-Aid Kit & Medical Supplies

LCH supplies various first aid kit supplies & medical supplies to various hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and NGOs.

First Aid Kit Wholesale Distributor | 急救藥箱批發供應商

About First Aid Kit & Medical Equipment Supplies sold by LCH

Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd, founded in 1940, is one of the leading first aid kit medical supplier in Hong Kong and Macau. In past 80 years, LCH has supplied Hong Kong and Macau with high quality first aid products, first aid kit, and medical supplies. LCH is currently one of the key suppliers for first aid medical supplies to all the public & private hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, restaurants, and five star hotel chains in Hong Kong and Macau. 


First Aid Kit medical supplies include:

  • Alcohol prep pad swabs

  • Alcohol wipes

  • Bandaid plaster

  • Cotton wool

  • Crepe bandages

  • WOW bandages

  • Medical examination gloves (Nitrile, PVC, Latex)

  • Normal saline

  • Triangular bandage

  • Wound dressing

  • Transparent island dressing

  • Non woven dressing

  • Non Woven gauze & swabs (sterile)

  • Cotton gauze & swabs (sterile)

  • Medical face mask

  • Medical zinc oxide plaster

  • Medical tape

Hong Kong Medical License Reference:

Macau Medical License Reference:

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