Direct Distribution
  • Direct sales to local doctor clinics, local pharmacies, and hospitals

  • Distribute medical products through our own direct online distribution channels, such as our own online store

  • Direct sales to large organisations such as NGOs, hotels, and restaurant groups

  • Distribute to other local sub-distributors catered for specialised segments of the market 

Tender Bidding and Logistics Management
  • Distribute to government hospitals and organisations through bidding tender offers

  • Deep study of competitors and product competitiveness

  • Pricing strategy for optimal market positioning

  • Manage the full cycle logistics for delivery of products to various government entities

  • Forecast each individual hospital's needs and hold necessary inventory

Storage and Logistics Management
Branding and Marketing Strategy
  • Provide strategic advice to pharmaceutical companies to launch their products in local markets

  • Team of Sales to market and reach retail outlets

  • In depth quantitative and qualitative studies of market needs and targeted customer groups

  • Utilise our local expertise to launch the product through traditional distribution channels

  • Target customers through online distribution channels, optimise for local media, and internet exposure

  • Traditional marketing channels such as paper ads and marketing campaigns

​Product Registration and Legal Documentation
  • Assist pharmaceutical companies to register their products to comply with local regulations

  • Import license registration

  • Managing the logistics for Customs for every shipment

  • Repackaging and relabelling products to meet local legal requirements

  • LCH currently owns and operates one of the largest multi-storey fully compliant medical grade storages and distribution centers in Hong Kong and Macau

  • We manage the full cycle logistics support on behalf of the manufacturer with no additional hidden costs

  • We manage logistics with our in-house logistics team and proprietary logistics systems

  • Storage of all the products and necessary inventory in a legally compliant storage locally with temperature and humidity control

  • Storage of temperature controlled products in industrial grade refrigerated rooms 

  • Forecasting demands and orders necessary stock to meet just in time demand

  • Abundance of safety stock of products to meet special situation needs