Crepe Bandages are strong support crepes for medium to long-term bandaging requirements. They are ideal for securing wound dressing, supporting strains, and providing compression to alleviate swelling.


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Zhende Medical Co., Ltd. manufactures medical products. The Company researches, develops, produces, and sells medical dressings, pressure treatment and fixation, modern wound care, surgical infection management, and other products. Zhende Medical markets its products worldwide.


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Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd, is one of the leading medical products supplier wholesale distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. LCH supply products in hospital supplies, dental care, veterinary and pet, dermatology and beauty salon, elderly care, rehabilitation and home care, PPE, wound treatment, first aid, cream and ointments, medicine, and injections. LCH is a Licensed Wholesale Dealers of Pharmaceutical Products , and Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (Secondary Packaging) with over 80 years of experience.

LCH supplies to all of the major public hospitals, private hospitals, doctor clinics, pharmacies, NGOs, dermatologies, beauty salons, hotels, and restaurants. LCH distribute products from Ecolab, N Medical, Otsuka, Grifols, Alphapharm, Aspen, Arrow, Intco, Zhende, and Wockhardt. LCH also has an online medical product store for clients to purchase medical consumable products such as medical face mask, nitrile medical examination gloves, face shield, personal protective equipment PPE, caps, surgical gowns, etc.


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