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LCH provides high-touch distribution services various pharmaceutical and medical product companies, supplying products to private and public medical end users

About Medical Product Distribution Services
Founded in 1940, LCH Ltd is one of the leading healthcare distributor for pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, medical device, and medical equipment. We have extensive experience partnering with various global medical manufacturers to distribute their products through our privately owned multi-storey distribution centres and logistics team. ​Currently, LCH processes hundreds of containers from international destinations to Hong Kong and Macau. Product ranges from small medicine tablets to bulky medical supplies. LCH aims to deliver the most efficient distribution services with the highest standards.

Logistics and Storage Services

  • Temperature controlled storage

  • Cold chain storage

  • Dangerous / controlled drug storage (compliant to local regulations)

  • Licensed repackaging and relabelling of products for local market requirements

  • Experienced regulatory affairs and quality assurance experts

  • Land, sea, and air freight management

  • Order management and delivery scheduling

  • 3PL, 4PL

Existing Daily Distribution Destinations

  • Private / Public Hospitals

  • Government organisations

  • Doctor clinics

  • Local pharmacies

  • Pharmacies chain

  • 5-star hotel chains

  • NGO organisations

  • Private companies / Institutions​

  • Rehabilitation & Nursing homes

About LCH

Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd is one of the leading healthcare companies as pharmaceutical distributor, medical supplies, medical device, and medical equipment wholesale supplier in Hong Kong and Macau with over 80 years of experience, supplying name-brand drugs, generic drugs, injectables, OTC (over the counter) health products, medical device equipment, medical consumables, and healthcare products. LCH is the trusted partner of leading international pharmaceutical companies, and medical device equipment companies.

LCH was founded in Shanghai in the 1940s, and incorporated as a limited company in Hong Kong in 1952, being one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies as distributor and medical supplier in Asia Pacific with active operations. LCH currently represent a number of leading international pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies companies to distribute medical products. Our distribution partners include Australia's Alphapharm Pty Ltd (currently Viatris / Mylan), Seqirus (CSL), Arrow Pharmaceuticals, N Medical, South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare, USA's Ecolab, Grifols Therapeutics, United Kingdom's Wockhardt, Mirius Coventry, France's Anios Laboratoires, Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, China's Zhende, Intco, and many more.


Today, LCH is one of the key suppliers for medical products in Hong Kong and Macau, supplying hundreds of types of medical consumable products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and injectables. LCH distributes to all of the major public and private hospitals, Department of Health e.g. vaccination centers, fire departments (including COVID-19 response centers), doctor clinics, pharmacies, NGOs, five-star hotel chains, and restaurants. By owning and managing one of the largest medically compliant distribution centers and logistics system in the region, we have managed to create a seamless sales and after sales experience for our customers.


Over the years, LCH represented a number of the largest international pharmaceuticals and medical product companies from USA, United Kingdon, Europe, Japan, Australia, and China to establish their brand presence, sales, and distribution in the Asia Pacific region. LCH assisted their principal partners with a full range of services, including logistics management and distribution of products, marketing & sales, local legal registration, participate in private and public tender bidding, and establish brand recognition.


LCH provides their principals with a set of comprehensive services in the areas of sales, marketing, and distribution solutions in Hong Kong and Macau. Today LCH's services include:

  • Wholesale Dealer License accredited by Hong Kong Drug Office and Macau Drug Office (Licensed Wholesale Dealer)

  • License for Secondary Re-packaging of Pharmaceuticals accredited by Hong Kong Drug Office (Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Secondary Packaging))

  • Pharmaceutical and medical products license registration to comply with local regulations

  • Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare products

  • Participation in tender business with various government entities and NGOs

  • Marketing to local users such as public / private hospitals, doctors, department of health, and pharmacies

  • Pharmaceutical & medical marketing consultation services

  • Logistics management with our self-owned multi-storey warehouses, delivery team, and proprietary logistics management systems (including 3PL, 4PL)

  • Conform with pharmacovigilance
  • Special storage for controlled dangerous drugs

  • Cold Chain Storage Facilities for cold chain pharmaceutical products
  • Import un-registered pharmaceutical products on named patient/un-registered basis

  • Comprehensive sourcing capabilities for medical consumables & medical durable goods

  • OEM manufacturing / custom manufacturing for a broad range of medical consumables

  • Learn more

LCH current product range covers a few core areas:

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