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N Medical Aqueous Cream BP Macau

Product Brands Solely Distributed by LCH

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Founded in 1940,
LCH is one of the key pharmaceutical distributors and healthcare suppliers for wholesale medical supplies, medical device, and medical equipment in Macau.

Luen Cheong Hong Ltd. (LCH) distributes a wide range of products, including name-brand drugs, generic drugs, injectables, OTC (over the counter) healthcare products, medical supplies, medical equipment and devices in Macau (Macao).

LCH currently represents over 20 top global pharmaceutical companies, medical brands and healthcare manufacturers to grow their presence and distribution capabilities in Macau.

Harnessing over eight decades of expertise in the medical field, we provide our principals with best in class services in the areas of sales, marketing, local medical regulatory affairs, tender bidding, storage, distribution solutions, and more.

We are also the long term trusted supplier for Macau government entities, hospitals, NGOs, pharmacies, restaurants, and hotels. Working with our principals to provide and tailor products to meet the needs of various end users.

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