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Sole Distributed by LCH in Hong Kong & Macau

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N Medical SureMask

Trusted by Medical Professionals

- Used by various doctors, hospitals, hotels, and government organisations

- Silky Smooth Soft Texture

- Breathable

- ASTM Level 2, BFE>99%, PFE>99%

Founded in 1940, Luen Cheong Hong (LCH) Ltd is one of the most established pharmaceutical suppliers, medical supplies & medical equipment wholesale distributors in Hong Kong and Macau, supplying name-brand drugs, generic drugs, injectables, health-care products, and medical consumables. 

LCH is a Licensed Wholesale Dealer and Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Secondary Packaging) for medicine and injectables. LCH product range covers hospital supplies, surgical supplies, dental supplies, vet supplies, rehabilitation products, home care, elderly care, pet supplies, medicine, injectables, PPE, face mask, nitrile gloves, surgical equipment, wound treatment, and first-aid. LCH also has an online store for direction distribution of consumable medical supplies to end users.

LCH was founded in Shanghai in the 1940s, and incorporated as a limited company in Hong Kong in 1952. LCH primarily focused on distributing high quality medicine, injections, and medical consumable product in Hong Kong and Macau. Over the past 80 years, LCH helped a number of the largest international pharmaceutical and medical product companies from USA, United Kingdon, Japan, Australia, Europe, and China to establish their presence, sales, and distribution in the Asia Pacific region. LCH has assisted their partners manage the life cycle of the logistics and distribution of their products, register their products locally, participate in government tender bidding, direct sales, and establish their brand recognition.

Today, LCH distribute hundreds of types of medical products, injections, and pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong and Macau. Supplying all of the major public and private hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, NGOs, hotels, and restaurants. With one of the largest warehouses and most established logistics system in the region, we have managed to create a seamless sales and after sales experience for our customers.

LCH currently represent a number of top pharmaceutical companies to distribute medical products including medicine, injections, personal protective equipment, and medical consumable products. Our distribution partners include Australia's Alphapharm Pty Ltd, Australia's Arrow Pharmaceuticals, South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare, USA's Ecolab, USA's Mylan, N Medical, United Kingdom's Mirius Coventry, Spain's Grifols Therapeutics, France's Anios Laboratoires, Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, India's Wockhardt, China's Zhende, and Intco.

We hope to continue to work closely with existing partners and new partners to further grow our businesses together in local and international markets.

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