LCH is the Distributor of Cranberry USA in Hong Kong and Macau.
Cranberry has a range of medical consumable products such as face mask and gloves suitable for dentists and medical professionals

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Cranberry Products Available Immediately

Cranberry Product List (For Order)

Cranberry Softtouch.png

Cranberry Softouch

Cranberry Luxe.png

Cranberry Luxe

Cranberry Aquaprene.png

Cranberry Aquaprene

Cranberry Silkcar.png

Cranberry Silkcar


Cranberry Cosmo

Cranberry Repel Antifog.png

Cranberry Repel

Cranberry S3 original.jpeg

Cranberry S3

Cranberry 4 Ply.png

Cranberry 360

Cranberry Black S3.jpeg

Cranberry S3+

Cranberry Carbon.png

Cranberry Carbon

Cranberry Repel.png

Cranberry Repel

Cranberry Dental Dam.jpeg

Cranberry Carbon Dental Dam